Let’s Dance Storytime

We had tons of fun at our Let’s Dance Storytime this week! Thanks so much to Sonya Monts of The Dancer’s Extension for teaching us some cool new moves!


Cock-A-Doodle Dance by Christine Tricarico
Ten Go Tango by Arthur Dorros
Harriet’s Recital by Nancy Carlson

Early Literacy Activities:

  • Help your child think of words that rhyme with “dance” like “pants, glance, chance, trance, lance, rants, chants.” Make up silly rhymes with these words.
  •  Encourage your child to find things that start with the “D” sound (dinner, doll, door) all around the house.
  • Challenge your child to contort his or her body into the shapes of different letters. I, T, C, L, O, V, and X are some of the easiest ones to create.
  • Have your child demonstrate fast and slow words, alternating between the two. Using varied words like stomp, trudge, meander, sneak, hurry, fly, run, dash, and scurry helps develop your child’s vocabulary.
  • Read your child a simple story and have them act out the plot. Story retelling is an excellent way to develop narrative skills.

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