Library Board of Trustees

An advisory Library Board of Trustees is appointed for three-year terms by the Polk County Board of County Commissioners. The Board’s regular meeting time is the fourth Thursday of January, April, July, and October, at 5:30 pm. To verify meeting dates and locations, call (828) 849-8721 x281. All meetings are open to the public.

Anyone interested in adding his or her name to a pool of applicants for Library Board vacancies should complete the county’s online Application for Appointment to Volunteer Board. Applications on file are considered by the Board of County Commissioners whenever board vacancies occur. Terms are for three years. Current Board members interested in serving a second term must reapply for the position. No Board member may serve for more than six consecutive years. Board vacancies are announced in local newspapers.

Library Bylaws 

Polk County Public Libraries
Board of Trustees

Diana Blanton (Chair)
Ted Hiley (Vice-Chair)
Thomas Adkins
Sally Dayvault
Elna Owens
Marcie Mack
MaryAnn Sloan
Alison Heston
Marcie Dowling (Library Director)
John Kornmayer, MD (Friends of the Library)
Tommy Melton (Commissioner Liaison)