Get a Library Card

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Anyone may apply for a Polk County Public Library card.

To get a library card, visit any PCPL location.

You’ll need official photo identification, such as driver’s license, student ID, military ID, or passport.  If your ID does not include your address, you’ll need a bank statement, utility bill, tax notice, or other official document that does.

If you are 17 or younger and don’t have ID and proof of address, a parent or guardian who has their own library card can be the responsible party for your account.  They need to be present when you get your card.

Institutions, such as an assisted living center, group home, or childcare facility, may also register for library accounts.  To create a card for an institution, we’ll first need a signed approval letter from an authorized representative of the facility.

For more information about library accounts and circulation of materials, see our Circulation Policy.