Test Proctoring

We can proctor exams, free of charge, for Polk County residents.

We provide proctoring services for distance education college courses, homeschooling special exams, professional certifications, and other types of tests. In order for this free service to be possible, we need your help.  We expect you to be responsible for coordinating testing details in advance, and for ensuring that both your institution and the library have the information and materials necessary.

We are only able to proctor exams for residents of Polk County.

Before the test

  • At least a week prior to your exam, contact us to make arrangements.  Test sessions are by appointment only and MUST be scheduled in advance. Appointments may be limited by staff availability, but we do our best to find a time that works for everyone.
  • Tell us about your test. We’ll need to know the institution, how long the test will take, whether it will be on paper or online, and any special accommodations or requirements.
  • Provide your institution with information they need to send the test to us.  If your institution requires any proctor registration forms, bring them to us with time to spare.
  • Check with us a day or two before your appointment to confirm that we received your test.

Test Day

  • We will follow the testing requirements of your institution.  We provide a quiet testing environment, but it is not an isolated area and silence cannot be guaranteed.
  • If your test is online, we will provide the computer.  You’ll need to provide any other materials that are allowed or required for your exam (pencils, pens, scratch paper, calculators, etc.)  Other personal items must be put away while testing.
  • If your exam is on paper, we will return it with any required paperwork, as instructed by your institution.  If your test must be mailed, please provide a envelope with postage.  We can also scan and email tests.